Denker Awards
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About Us


Denker Awards Company
Since 1955
“Oldest in Memphis...Newest in Ideas”

We are the oldest awards company in the Memphis area - family owned & operated. We serve not only the local community, but also ship orders all over the United States. Specializing in the Corporate Awards market, we can meet any custom award needs that your company may have as well as any promotional need.  Basically if you need your logo on anything, we can provide it.

If you want to boost morale with your sales staff, come see us and we will help you find the perfect way to recognize their accomplishments. Need to congratulate your employees on their dedicated service? We can set up a custom program specifically for your company to accommodate any budget. Having a company golf tournament? Let us help you organize it! We can provide the awards, the logo balls & tees, towels, door prizes, etc. The possibilities are endless.